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Alison Thompson
Barb Smail (Slemmer)
Beth Orr (Davis)
BILL Smith
Brian Potts
Candy Black (Hostetler)
Christopher Westendorf
Curt Grau
Deb Rhamy (Chaffin)
Debbie Smith
Dee Dee Quillin (Harman)
Diana Sheridan (Frazier)
Don Smith
Donnie Johnson
Elaine Henry (Webster)
Emily Reber (Benekos)
George Stutzman
James Smith (Smith)
Jeff Leaman
Joel Hodge
Joel Smith (Hodge)
John Davis
Joseph Weber (Weber)
Julie Miller
Karen Clark (Pendolino)
Kirby Kiser
Laurie Burkholde (Geiser)
Laurie Burkholder (Geiser)
Les Thompson
Lisa Phillips (Harter)
Marsha Knox (Potts)
Mike Campbell
Mike Slemmer
Pamela Corfman (Smith)
Rich Corfman
Richard Corfman
Robert Geiser
Roger Miller
Sandi Rudy (Kiser)
Steven Thompson
Sue Corfman
Teri Stebelton (Smith)
Teri Stebleton (Smith)
Thomas Benekos
Tim Fickes
Tim Webster
Vicki Drouhard (Musselman)
Wife Campbell
William Smith
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